Workhorse Sabre 8 Color 10 Station Automatic Screen Press

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Equipment Details

Manufacturer: Workhorse

Model: Sabre 810

Year: 2018

Location ZIP: 95838

Asset: 62021

Warranty: AS IS

Price: $44,500.00

Workhorse Sabre Automatic 8/10

Workhorse' new Sabre Series automatic press line has set the standard for high production and high quality at an affordable price. Workhorse combines their 30 year history of quality products, services and resources with some of the latest in screen printing technologies. These technologies include a revolutionary patent pending indexing system and a never before seen touch screen control panel offering unmatched functionality. All models feature our patented Flashback capabilities, a pivoting control panel with touch-screen display, micro-registration, independent flood bar and squeegee pressure adjustments, and quick release pallets with a standard 20"x20" image area.

  • 8 Colors / 10 Stations
  • 20" x 20" Print Area
  • Electric Print Heads & Electric Indexing
  • Electric: 220V, 50-60Hz, 13amps
  • Air: 100psi, 6cfm
  • Overall Diameter: 14'
  • Total Weight: 3772 lbs.

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