Avancé 1501C Single Head Compact Embroidery Machine

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Equipment Details

Manufacturer: Avance

Model: 1501C

Year: 2017

Location ZIP: 15101

Asset: 53037

Warranty: AS IS

Price: $5,000.00

Machine has fully been checked over by our certified technician.

Brand & Model: Avancé 1501C
Number of Heads: 1
Number of Needles: 15 Needles
Machine Dimensions: 33"w x 30"d x 63"h
Flat Sewing Field: 22" x 14" (560mm x 360mm)
Wide Cap Frame: 270°
Power: 110V/60Hz and 200V/50Hz self-adaptable worldwide
Operation Box: LCD Full Color Panel
Design Input: USB
Design Memory: 2 Million - 200 design memory
Max Speed: 1200 SPM
Machine Tables: Removable Tables

2 sets - 12cm hoops
(4.70"), 15cm hoops (5.90"), 19cm hoops
(7.50"), 30cm x 30cm (11.80" x 11.80")
jacket back hoops
• 1 Border Frame for flat embroidery
• 1 x wide angle 270° cap driver and
2 x cap frames

Can be crated and shipped or picked up at location.

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